Fullcalendar trigger event click

[1 line added] 2) Detect click events on .fc-bgevent-container elements and trigger bgEventClick in a new bindBgSegHandlers method. [1 line + 1 method added] We could extend the bindSegHandlers method to support bg events too, but the new method felt cleaner since we don't want to resize the background events.

$ ('#calendar'). fullCalendar ({dayClick: function (date, allDay, jsEvent, view) {alert (date);}}); If clicking on a day gives you an alert with that date, then the problem lies with Qtip implementation. If you don't get an alert, the problem is with fullCalendar implementation. As suggested by knepe, 'show: click' should show the Qtip. But if ...

Posts about Fullcalendar written by jcsmesquita. For my current project I am using the excellent jQuery calendar plugin fullcalendar by Adam Shaw.. Whilst creating a functional test with phpunit and Selenium, I found that triggering a click on the calendar event was not reaching the procedure I defined for eventClick in fullcalendar.

FullCalendar provides JavaScript events for when a displayed event is clicked, and for when a date is clicked on the month view. What I would like, though, is that if a date is clicked, that I can trigger a click on the first contained event within that date. I have FullCalendar in my project but the dayClick function doesn't work until the user goes back or forward one month then to the present month. I inherited this project and have no previous exper...

I can get the date from the event but in timeline view I am not getting the resource id when click on the any date to create event. please have a look at screen shot. I need to get Resource Id placed on left side when I click to any empty date. hope you'll understand. I've attached screenshot also. Regards. Ali Aug 13, 2019 · 2. Ado.Net entity data model and select the “tbl_events” table. 3. Add method in controller to display events data on page load, show events data on date click and update event datetime on event drag. Detail understanding of Controller: - GetEventData method will render all the events data in json format. .

When Page Loads it has to show the Current Month Data Events .(I want to load data from database only month wise on user selection). When user Click the Previous button on calendar it has to show the previous month data. When user Click the Next button on calendar it has to show the Next month data.

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Sep 13, 2014 · The Node.js examples include a demo using Google Calendar as the event source. Two years ago I wrote how to use jQuery UI with FullCalendar to create a modal popup when you click on an event. Seeing as how many people use Bootstrap, here is how to do the same using the Bootstrap Modal. .

Mar 17, 2015 · The term "event" is ambiguous. At first, I've been confused: if it was the event, as it is understood in programming, such as DOM element event, there is no such concept as "delete event". But probably you mean the elements of FullCalendar schedule. Additional Note: We are using fullcalendar with Angular. For the swipe, we register ng-swipe-left/right. And adjust the visible month accordingly by sending "next/prev" to fullcalendar. I can patch by flagging a variable to swiping = true but its a bit ugly. And not im not 100% sure that the swipe event will trigger before dayClick.

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Now providing the outside fullCalendar trigger knows about the event ID, you can fire the eventClick by calling this from your own on click function similar to what both @harish0000 and @godshades suggested although I tweaked it using.fc-list-item instead of.fc-event for month view (not: ".fc-content") to suit my personal scenario.

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  • FullCalendar’s Touch support includes smooth scrolling, time-range selection via long-press, and event drag-n-drop/resizing via long-press. Demos: dateClick and selectable dates/times , , , .
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